How Much is 17k Robux in Dollars?

If you’re looking to purchase something on the popular game platform, Roblox, you may be wondering how much 17k Robux is in dollars. It’s a common question asked by those new to the gaming platform, and understanding this currency exchange can help you make an informed decision when spending your money. Let’s take a look at how much 17k Robux is in dollars and what it can buy you.

Calculating your Robux to US dollars exchange rate can be a valuable step in managing your virtual wealth in Roblox. Whether you’re looking to buy virtual items or track your earnings, converting Robux to US dollars provides insights into your in-game financial standing.

How Many Robux Are There in One Dollar?

Robux is the virtual currency used inside the world of Roblox. You can use real money to purchase Robux for yourself or other players, or even earn them through playing games on the platform. As of 2021, 100 Robux cost $0.99 USD and 1,000 Robux cost $9.95 USD, so each Robux is worth about one cent. This means there are about 170robux for every dollar spent on the platform.

What Can 17k Robux Buy You?

17k Robux comes out to around $170 USD, depending on when and where you purchase it from. With that amount of Robux, you can buy exclusive items such as custom outfits; limited edition hats; special animation packs; exclusive pet accessories; VIP servers; and more!

You can also use your Robux balance to upgrade your avatar with unique clothing options or join a VIP server that only certain players have access to. Additionally, if you’re a game developer on Roblox, using your 17k Robux balance can unlock advanced scripting capabilities as well as additional tools that will help you build better games.


Roblox offers its users a wide variety of items they can purchase with their virtual currency—Robux—and knowing how much 17k Robux is in dollars is important so that gamers know what kind of items they can get for their money.

In short, 17k Robux equates to around $170 USD and unlocks exclusive items such as custom outfits; limited edition hats; special animation packs; exclusive pet accessories; VIP servers; advanced scripting capabilities (for developers); and more! Understanding the currency exchange rate between dollars and Robux helps make sure gamers spend their money wisely while still having fun playing their favorite online games!

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